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Sarah McNamara

Sarah McNamara is an historian whose writings examine the histories of Latinxs, women and gender, immigration, and labor in the modern United States. She is a professor in the Department of History and Core Faculty in Latinx & Mexican American Studies at Texas A&M University. McNamara is author of Ybor City: Crucible of the Latina South, (UNC Press 2023). McNamara has published about widely. Her work has appeared in journals such as the Journal of American Ethnic History, Labor: Studies in Working Class History, South Writ Large, and edited volume 50 Events that Shaped Latino History. In addition to traditional writings, McNamara is active in public history. In 2023, she unveiled the historical marker and mural that commemorates the 1937 Antifascist Women’s March, a project done in cooperation with the Tampa artist and muralist Michelle Sawyer. McNamara has been named Mellon Emerging Faculty Leader from the Institute for Citizens and Scholars at Princeton University as well as a faculty fellow from the American Association of University Women and her work has received support from institutions such as the National Endowment for the Humanities, the American Historical Association, and the Tulane Center for the Gulf South, among others. McNamara an award-winning teacher whose work in the classroom and among student community has been recognized by Texas A&M University through the receipt of the Distinguished Teaching Award from the Association of Former Students, the Early Career Teaching Award from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the Montague Center for Teaching Excellence Award.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. My family who love and care without qualifications and
  2. My friends who are like my second family.
  3. Mia, my cat, who manages to make everyday a comedic adventure.
  4. I love coffee in all forms but nothing beats a
  5. Cortado or café con leche made with Cuban espresso and steamed milk from Cacciatores in
  6. Tampa, which is both my hometown and favorite place to be.
  7. I am forever a Florida apologist who loves
  8. Sunshine, summer, and outdoor adventures. Strangely, I do not love the beach.
  9. The mountains of North Carolina are my favorite place to escape and I love travels that take me across the globe but
  10. Good conversation filled with laughter and love make the mundane seem exceptional.