The Edward Tales: Introduction

Yet her men can be equally complicated. In a crucial way, in fact, her relationship to her male characters is more foundational.

Remembering Elizabeth Spencer

Less dramatically, but not infrequently, women in other stories slip away. It’s an impulse for negotiating an impasse, for opening up a safe imaginative space, a way out, perhaps a new...

Oaxaca’s Future, Not Set in Stone

But at what risk to local culture and identity? As multinational capitalism continues its relentless expansion, this is the critical question for this vital pocket of the Global South.

Sally Greene

Sally Greene is an attorney, an independent scholar, and a member of the Town Council in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

First Flight

Two things you “ignore at your peril,” I find her writing to me more than thirty years ago: “the dailiness of life and the significance of place.”