Interview with Richard Grant

We knew nothing about the Delta when we decided to buy a remote farmhouse there, thirty miles from the nearest supermarket.

Portfolio: Photographs

The camp housed more than 3,000 people from all over the world: the Sudan, Ethiopia, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Pakistan, and elsewhere.

A Distant Home | Un Hogar Lejano

Is there a way to make a new home, no matter where you are? What do you bring with you, what do you hold onto, what do you make new?

The Queens of Syria

Even under the most trying circumstances, many Syrian refugees have asserted life and creativity over defeat.

The Indian Experience in the South: Georgia via Guntur

But as we grow older and our identity struggles take on a sharper edge we can lie awake at nights wondering why we made the journey, what we gained, and how much we have lost.

Red Meat: Bringing Southern Barbecue to the Middle Kingdom by Bike

When you’re trying to make friends and searching for conversation topics, the things you miss from home come up often, especially if you’re from the same country.

Jets in the Sky

And that’s where this community is today. They are settling, becoming a part of the American South, pioneers making their own history to mingle with the greater Southern story.

The World’s Refugee Crisis

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the number of people forcibly displaced worldwide reached 59.5 million at the end of 2014—numbers not seen since World War...


Many here have learned to dance with death. I walk in.

Dreams of Young Syrian Refugees Imagined

I am in the same room with three young asylum seekers from Syria—Abed, 17, from Deir al-Zour; Mohamad, 16, from Marj al-Sultan; and Odai, 17, a Palestinian who was born and raised in...

The Impact of Framing Migration as Crisis

Perhaps most puzzling of all is why one crisis appears to receive more attention than another. If crisis really means something, how is it that all crises are not equal.

A Steady Stream of Leavers

She remembers a steady stream of leavers from the time she was a girl growing up on a sharecropping plantation with her parents and six siblings in the 1930s and ’40s in rural...

The history of the human race is one of migration. We all come from a small region in Africa, but we have managed to scatter to every nook and cranny of the earth. The motivations for pulling up roots, then as now, have ranged from fleeing war, persecution, famines and natural disasters, to aspiring to make a better life for future generations. In the movement itself human communities and peoples, cultures, art, and science were created.

Today, people around the world are once again facing waves of migration that challenge them to learn to live with others who come from different cultural,  ethnic, and racial backgrounds. This creates complex problems, but also opportunities for enrichment. This issue of South Writ Large explores migrations—domestic and international, current and historical.