The Storied South: Voices of Writers and Artists

My first memory of being alive in the South was the sound of stories. As I grew older, I learned to negotiate and survive by telling stories.


Still, she remembered lessons he had taught her: To cast towards shadows, where the sunlight fails And fishes shelter in the undergrowth.

Into the Woods, Cicero!

Reluctance wasn’t the right word—wasn’t a strong enough word—to describe what I felt the afternoon my wife told me that she’d signed me and Margaret, our daughter, up for the...

The Kings and Queens of Roam

She liked this story, and she liked that there was someone who believed it was true. She wanted the world to be like this, just for a little while longer. “Don’t tell anybody,” Rachel...

Holy Smoke: The Big Book of North Carolina Barbecue

When Germans and their hog-droving Scotch-Irish contemporaries arrived in the 1700s, they fit right in to porcivorous North Carolina. To this day, German cookery has a particular fondness...

“Y’all Party?” Reflections of an Ex-Pat Reprobate

In Southern literature, if nowhere else, we can, perhaps, still find the wastrel as hero, the drunkard who goes outside of polite society and brings back the truths the rest of us hide...

My Place is in the Kitchen

There was excitement in these first hours home. I had to be patient, wait for them to settle down and get to the real storytelling. It was always, every time, worth the wait.

Portfolio: Mixed-Media Sculpture

Water is everywhere in New Orleans—above us, below us, in the very air we breathe. We look up at passing ships, imagining the unthinkable, and then sometimes it happens. Mother Nature is...

Snapshots of #LumbeeHomecoming

Once a year, during the week of the July 4th holiday, more than forty thousand Lumbee Indians gather in Pembroke, North Carolina, to enjoy a little fellowship. We have beauty pageants, a...

Summer 2013

Our summer issue features some of the South’s best storytellers. Spinning yarns is a Southern tradition, and our contributors have woven a handful of tales about Southern recreations—camping, fishing, hunting, barbecuing, partying, family gatherings, the romance of water—and about the art of storytelling itself.  So grab a seat in the shade and settle in for a good story.