Photo by Steve Kehnel

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Beatriz Wallace

Beatriz Wallace has worked at TIME magazine in New York, helped implement digital storytelling for children exposed to family violence in rural Missouri, and taught multimedia journalism at the University of Missouri and Duquesne University. She will be working and studying at Duke University as a Digital Humanities Assistant, using computer language to solve data-driven problems within the research community. She is currently working on a documentary project as research assistant to Berkley Hudson on “O.N. Pruitt’s Possum Town: The ‘Modest Aspiration and Small Renown’ of a Mississippi Photographer, 1915-1960,” exploring glass plate negatives from the 1930s. Wallace loves running, Iyengar yoga, and playing with her rescue cats, Sula and Professor Longhair (aka) “Young Wheezy.” She is from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Open Source Software
  2. Coffee (with cream and sugar)
  3. Long-haired cats
  4. Short-haired cats
  5. Jackson Galaxy and My Cat From Hell
  6. Kale
  7. The Omega masticating fruit and vegetable juicer
  8. My 27-inch iMac Quad-core Intel i5 (with a turbo boost) and 1 TB Fusion Drive
  9. Open Access Academic Journals
  10. My bicycle