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Ed Southern

Ed Southern is a North Carolina native and the executive director of the North Carolina Writers’ Network. His books include Parlous Angels, Voices of the American Revolution in the Carolinas, and The Jamestown Adventure. He lives in Winston-Salem. You can find him online at

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without 

  1. The good humor not to be overly earnest about it
  2. The good manners not to be too much a smartass about it, either
  3. The proper balance in between
  4. The perspective to remember that the editors won’t hold me to this list in the event of emergency
  5. The grace to comply with their request, since they have been kind enough to accept my work
  6. The wit to keep this going to 10
  7. The humility to wonder if I should
  8. The pride to answer myself with a hell, yeah
  9. The good sense to wonder, again. And, maybe, again
  10. College football

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