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Portfolio: Blacksmithing

I use traditional and innovative blacksmithing techniques to produce work known to mimic the look of soft fabric. The theme, inspired by my upbringing in Columbus, Georgia, references feminine attire.

My father worked a lot, so my sister and I were influenced by a very female-dominated world. My mother and grandmother, domestic and meticulous craftswomen, sewed frilly dresses for us. They enjoyed and took pride in their accomplishments. Mother entertained us with fairy tales and stories she made up. We played with scraps of fabric that fell to the floor as they worked.

I take pleasure in breaking the preconceived idea that blacksmithing is an occupation for a brawny man. In my own way, I am following the tradition of the ladies of my family. I use a hammer, anvil, torch, and welders to make sculptures that reference cloth, suggest narratives, and celebrate Southern women of my generation.