Weaving House, 2012

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Portfolio: Paintings


Edward Rice, Painter
Born 1953 in Augusta, Georgia
Lives in Augusta, Georgia, and North Augusta, South Carolina


I have been asked how my work is informed by place. Memory must surely play a role. Many of the subjects I depict I have known since childhood. My father’s family settled here in the 1840s, my mother’s in the 1770s. I have lived and worked here all my life.

I generally drive to the studio about nine o’clock and head home about five during the week. I like to work for half a day on Saturday or Sunday—the phone doesn’t ring. I usually have a dozen or more canvases going at various levels of completion. I spend a year or so on a larger work.

I have also been asked why I do what I do. I can only say that painting has been my chosen field of endeavor from an early age and that it has been my livelihood for over forty years.

I am not an architect, historian, photographer, philosopher, nor poet—however, my limited knowledge of these disciplines influences my work. It is about looking, being quiet, being still.