Hog Series CCLV: Red Rooster/Cardinal

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Portfolio: Paintings

The Hog Series began over twenty-eight years ago, while a graduate at the University of South Carolina. It has evolved into an ongoing suite of approximately two hundred ninety works on paper and canvas. This series explores the rich iconography of the rural southeastern United States, incorporating elements of art history, children’s tales, persistent stereotypes and even commercial imagery. As a native of Manning, South Carolina, my visual world is populated with hog farms, opossums, foxes, roosters, wolves, pit bulls and cats but also with images inspired by my experiences as an art educator, embalmer/funeral director, and as a devoted fan of the seventeenth century Spanish School of painting.

The essence of The Hog Series is related to the series of works created by Diego Velasquez (1599-1660), depicting the court jesters and dwarves of King Philip IV. The court painter portrayed the subjects as equals to their master. I have focused on portraying hogs with the underlying theme of dignity and respect, while at the same time revealing and sharing some of my past personal experiences.