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Andrew Doss

Andrew Doss serves as Director of Policy & Partnerships for Future Tide Partners, which equips individuals and institutions to shift culture, policy, and investments in a rapidly changing world of work toward a more inclusive, flourishing future economy. He is a writer and attorney with a master’s degree in divinity. Andrew is cofounder and CEO of the Lighthouse Group, an international consulting group on the shifting shapes of governance and media in the global age, and recently taught “International Challenges of the 21st Century” in Yale University’s Political Science Department. His drama Song of a Man Coming Through was awarded the “Best Original Work” of 2015 in New Orleans and is slated to partner with bipartisan criminal justice reform organizations around the country for a ten-city 2021 tour. He is most passionate about how the invisible frameworks of law, liturgy, and drama entrain our systemic, cultural, and personal DNA, and his major paper at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music focused on the formative power of collective, participatory singing. A native New Orleanian, he loves Mardi Gras, dressing up for Saints games, and the conversation that emerges while eating with hands at crawfish and crab boils. He is a 610 Stomper, climbs furniture excitedly when connecting dots between theology and governance, and is humbly grateful to be writing an article for his favorite magazine.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Breathwork and prayer
  2. Mardi Gras
  3. Darci’s laugh
  4. Jacques Brel’s music
  5. Improvising songs with friends while drinking
  6. My perpetually mutating costume pile
  7. Chasing balls and dancing . . . all other exercise is Sisyphean boredom
  8. My sister’s piercing insight and humor
  9. Saints season tickets
  10. Crawfish boils with all my besties and total strangers