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Brianna Cullen Wilson

Brianna Cullen Wilson is an educator in the Boston Public Schools, where she has taught Humanities, Special Education, and English as a Second Language since 2010. Previously she worked in publishing as an acquisitions editor for the History Press in Charleston, South Carolina. Brianna is a language nerd with a degree in English Literature and Spanish from Middlebury College and a Master’s in Education from UMass Boston. Neuroscience is her parallel passion, and she hopes to pursue a second graduate degree in Mind, Brain, and Education to study the brain science of language acquisition. She loves teaching, poetry, hiking, harmonizing, and learning new things.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Coffee
  2. Books
  3. Blues, Soul, and Bluegrass
  4. The woods
  5. Long walks with friends
  6. The mountains
  7. Time for traveling
  8. Grilled cheese sandwiches
  9. Kindness
  10. Kittens

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