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Brook J. Sadler

Brook J. Sadler earned a Ph.D. in philosophy from Duke University. A professor at the University of South Florida, she teaches a wide range of interdisciplinary courses focused on the history and philosophy of love, marriage, emotions, ethics, and feminism in the Department of Humanities and Cultural Studies. She has published philosophy articles in many academic journals and books; nonfiction prose essays and criticism with Ms. magazine, Pleiades, Aquifer: Florida Review, Women’s Review of Books, and South Florida Poetry Journal; and poetry in more than twenty literary journals, including CalyxMissouri Review, Greensboro Review, and Cortland Review. An award-winning teacher, she is also a student, enrolled in the MFA program in fiction at Warren Wilson College.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Coffee in the afternoon (ask anyone)
  2. Pillows
  3. Feminist books
  4. Dancing, outdoors in a breeze
  5. Friends
  6. Shade trees
  7. Blue jeans
  8. Moonlight
  9. Exercise
  10. Polysyllabic words

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