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Cecile Monteyne Charleston

Cecile Monteyne Charleston is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, who recently relocated to Toronto, Ontario, with her husband, baby, and husky. An actress, producer, and improviser for over a decade, she is about to complete a master’s in environmental science from the University of Toronto. She hopes to inspire new approaches to storytelling around the environmental issues of our time. She is thankful to her community for inspiring this career shift.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. A healthy planet (quite literally)
  2. My son’s laugh
  3. Dances with my husband
  4. Hugs from my dog
  5. Holidays with family
  6. Home-cooked meals
  7. Travel
  8. Good milk chocolate
  9. Strong coffee
  10. Truth and humor (because you cannot have one without the other)

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