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Christina Delay

Christina Delay graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, where she got a degree in advertising because it was as close to business as she wanted to get. After spending a few uncreative years in the corporate world, Christina rediscovered her love for writing. Today, Christina is an award-winning author, an obscure mythology enthusiast, and Taco Bell addict. She also runs her own event-planning and advertising company. She loves all things refried and chocolate, not to be combined. Christina lives in the unofficial rainforest called Houston with her husband and daughter, a dog that thinks he’s a man, and a cat that thinks he’s a dog.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Coffee time . . . dark roasted, black, strong coffee . . . without which we’d all be in danger
  2. Me time . . . holds hands with coffee time
  3. Writing time . . . how I stay sane
  4. Daughter time . . . because a world without princesses and fairytales and everything pink is not a place I want to be
  5. Family time . . . because they love me even when I’m going crazy from not getting things 1 through 3
  6. Walks in the woods time . . . nature is the balm to the crazy aforementioned
  7. Chocolate time . . . does this need an explanation?
  8. Wine time . . . wine time . . . wine time . . .
  9. Reading time . . . because again, a world without fairytales, or any tales, is not the world for me
  10. Time . . . to pursue passion, art, creativity, beauty . . . to discover, imagine, reinvent . . . to live, not merely exist

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