Photo by Jonathan Saunders

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Christina Myers Hepburn

Christina Myers Hepburn is creator and cohost of the popular podcast, T&A Talk Sex, for the last three years, gabbing about taboo topics around sexuality, relationships, and intimacy in an effort to normalize them and give voice to women. She firmly believes a developed sexuality can center us as humans. She is also a professional cuddler–non-sexual physical touch therapy that allows her to work with clients around intimacy and comfort in their bodies.

At Columbia University, she was the first undergrad to direct a graduate school production of The Vagina Monologues, receiving a standing ovation from a sold-out audience of 1500. Proceeds went to programs rehabilitating sex-trafficked girls and revising campus rape policies.

She is an actress, stand-up comic, and co-creator of the web series “AutoCorrect F*ck You” (AutocorrectFU)–the only dialogue in the scene is from your f*ed up text (on Funny or Die and Youtube).

She produced and stars in the feature films, Low Town and GENA directed by Joe Black and acted in Tim Burton’s Big Eyes, SXSW’s Grand Jury Nominee, Swim Little Fish Swimand in Faliro House’s (Before Midnight, Lobster) upcoming biopic as a nineteenth-century French Creole intellectual.

Christina performs stand-up at L.A.’s The Comedy Store. She is also half Colombian (care to salsa?).


Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. A consistent hearty dose of physical touch.
  2. Reliable loving friends.
  3. Green vegetables, like literally I can’t live without them.
  4. Sunscreen. I can’t wrap my brain around these white nationalists–the O-Zone layer is disappearing and my sunburns are nasty!
  5. Clean water. Donate to so that other people can have clean water too!
  6. Exercise. Nelson Mandela did push-ups on his fingertips in his tiny cell while in prison for 27 years on Robben Island; I suspect it’s how he kept his sanity all those years before becoming president.
  7. Dancing because it reminds me I’m alive!
  8. Cilantro. It’s zesty!
  9. My passport. I like to feel I can go to the airport at any moment and fly off on an adventure (even if my bank account says otherwise).
  10. Purpose. When I have that, I feel alive! When I’m directionless, my sails deflate.