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David Ropeik

David Ropeik is an instructor at Harvard University, consultant in risk perception and risk management, and author of How Risky Is it, Really? Why Our Fears Don’t Always Match the Facts.  You can learn more at

Instead of ten things he can’t do without, David Ropeik gave us:

Ten Things I Could Do Without

  1. Closed Minds
  2. Lines
  3. Going to the freezer hungry for my favorite flavor of ice cream and discovering we’re out
  4. Pain (chronic)
  5. Alarm clocks
  6. Not remembering that word I know I know
  7. Wanting too much, appreciating too little
  8. Clogged toilets
  9. Hurting people when I don’t mean to
  10. Rainy days when I can’t go outside and play with my dogs

David Ropeik's contributions: