Photo by Coleman Warner

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Dewey Warner

Dewey Warner grew up in Meridian, Mississippi, lived in San Diego and Chicago, and now in Key West. He taught high school, worked for Young Life, served in the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office, and currently works in corporate travel management. He studied politics and history at Mississippi State, San Diego State, and the University of Illinois; travels throughout the country and the world; and is blessed with a daughter, two sons, and a grandson.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. My three kids and grandson
  2. Meaningful conversation—with anyone
  3. Books and journals by all sorts of writers
  4. Real stories told by real people
  5. Traveling light, traveling anywhere
  6. Investigative journalism—especially local
  7. Great teaching, great teachers
  8. Well-done history—on any subject
  9. Live theater—at any level
  10. Great humor—and locating it everywhere