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Dina Perrine

Dina Perrine was born on Mexico’s Independence Day, September 16th, which she has always found perfect as she is a proud Mexican American. Both of her parents are from Mexico and immigrated to Hawaii where she was born. Hawaii is so diverse that being raised in a Mexican household was just part of the tapestry of the island’s people. She spent many summers in her mother’s home town of San Quintin in Baja Mexico and noticed that Baja and Hawaii have many things in common.

When she was a teen, the family moved to Northern Virginia where she realized that her rich heritage could be all too easily  traded away for an identity based on brand name goods and social conformity.  She made it her mission to keep her heritage alive for herself and her family by writing, cooking, and keeping Mexican traditions.

Dina works for an online weight loss company, NoBS Weightloss, where she encourages everyone to take their journey in a way that honors their own identity, customs, heritage and traditional food choices, whether they grew up in Mexico or Idaho.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. The poem Si Tienes Una Madre Todavía recited by my mom
  2. Bees
  3. Hula flower for my hair
  4. The two coins that I cast that made my wishes come true
  5. Limes
  6. Orion’s Belt (also known as the Three Sisters)
  7. Hummingbirds
  8. Flat irons
  9. Mariachi
  10. Breakfast with Ralph

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