Delores (left) and Dionne (right)

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Dionne and Delores Jones

Dionne and Delores Jones are sisters who were born and raised in the Lowcountry. Even though they spent the majority of their lifetime in South Carolina, they currently reside outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. They are dedicated to keeping the art form of sweetgrass basket weaving alive through their company D’sweetgrass Basketry. Since 1993, they have extended the business from online sales to include sales at festivals, art shows, and museums. Several career highlights include creating a basket for President Obama, weaving baskets for television shows, and restoring vintage baskets. D’sweetgrass Basketry has also received honorable mention and awards in various art shows.

Ten Things We Can’t Do Without

  1. Faith/family. Christianity and family are two of the most important parts of our lives.
  2. Tiny home living (being able to live an eco-friendly and minimalist lifestyle while keeping the family as a priority).
  3. Tea/coffee. We both drink either tea or coffee daily.
  4. Dogs. Must love dogs! Dionne has a Rottweiler. Delores has a Shih Tzu.
  5. Food Network. Love cooking and anything related to food.
  6. Home improvement networks. DIY and HGTV are our favorite television networks.
  7. Books. Delores loves love-inspired books while Dionne’s favorites are event design books.
  8. Smoker/Grill. Dionne’s favorite cooking is outdoors.
  9. Chocolate and baking products. Delores loves making a variety of desserts.
  10. Hallmark movies. We love anything Hallmark related, especially their Christmas movies.

Dionne and Delores Jones's contributions: