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Ebeth Watkins Price

Ebeth Watkins Price is a writer and artist working in higher education and living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Her first career was teaching, in Costa Rica, then in Washington, DC, and, finally, in Durham, NC. After becoming a lawyer, she spent several years practicing civil rights law working with Prisoners’ Legal Services of New York on conditions of confinement cases, including excessive solitary confinement punishments. Visit to view art by Ebeth Watkins Price.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. My people (squishing my husband, my outrageous red-headed nephew, and the rest of my friends and family into one space really frees me up for the rest of this list)
  2. Water places
  3. Movement—Subtle or vigorous. I like the way it feels to be in motion.
  4. Rest
  5. Making and experiencing art
  6. Meditation
  7. Curiosity
  8. Good books (and the occasional terrible book that reminds me of the difference)
  9. Music—I always loved it, and spent several years in a band with a bunch of writers called the Starry Mountain Sweetheart Band
  10. A long walk on a cold day