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Einat Metzl

Through art, words, and the spaces between, Einat tries to explore (with clients, students, and herself) what works and what doesn’t work. With a wholehearted belief in creativity and in the human ability to soar despite very harsh blows, she tries to communicate authentically, often gravitating toward the existential and parsimonious. Professionally, she is a licensed marital and family therapist, a registered and board certified art therapist. She works as a clinician in private practice and as a professor of art therapy / marital and family therapy at Loyola Marymount University. She has additional trainings in yoga, sex therapy, play therapy, and emotionally focused therapy. She often writes, creates art, contemplates, works, and dreams long after she should have gone to bed.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Water (although I still forget to drink) and chocolate (although I possibly should)
  2. The possibility of change
  3. The promise of creativity
  4. The attempt to grasp our existence
  5. The acceptance that there are true limitations to what we can grasp
  6. The people who raised me, the people who loved me, and the people I love and admire (luckily there is quite a bit of overlap)
  7. The places I belong to and which reside within me
  8. The spaces in which I am a visitor and have the opportunity to learn about differences
  9. A healthy (enough) body that can breath and beat
  10. Knowing you never quite know what you can and cannot do without until it comes to pass

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