Eve (on right) with Venice, Louisiana, champion fisher Susan Gros

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Eve Troeh

Eve Troeh is News Director of News at 89.9 WWNO-FM, New Orleans Public Radio. In 2013, Troeh returned to New Orleans to build the first local news department for the city’s NPR affiliate. Before WWNO, she was on staff at Marketplace, the public radio show about business “for the rest of us” as a reporter and producer. In her first chapter(s) in New Orleans, Troeh worked at the music program, American Routes, and served as a stringer for NPR and other national outlets in the years after Hurricane Katrina aka The Federal Levee Failure.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Neighborhood breakfast diners
  2. Public parks to walk, hike, or run
  3. Blank note cards and pen
  4. Avocados (or “alligator pears” as my grandma said)
  5. Cotton sundresses
  6. Long talks with old friends
  7. Lasagna
  8. A good soundtrack
  9. Dancing in the living room
  10. Angelo Brocato’s