Photo by Irving Freedman

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Gabriele Miniter

Photographer Gabriele Miniter was born in Berlin, Germany, lived in London as a child, and as a teenager moved to Michigan with her father, who was in the German Foreign Service. Today she resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and in Haguenau in the Alsace region of France. She is a member of several photography clubs and has displayed her work in a number of one-woman gallery exhibitions as well as group shows. Her travels continue to take her to many parts of the world.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. My husband who is always willing to wait while I shoot photos.
  2. The first cup of tea in the morning—”memories of things British.”
  3. My camera—obviously!
  4. Travel—and the journal I write in religiously at the end of each travel day.
  5. Books—I am an avid reader of novels and biographies in English, German, and with a little more effort in French.
  6. Collecting original art—paintings by unknown artists that catch my eye, but also pottery, particularly Native American pottery. 
  7. My iPad—serves as my newspaper, encyclopedia, and tool for immediate contact with friends.
  8. My newly repaired heart (that should perhaps top the list).
  9. Many friends—here, there, and everywhere—with whom I try hard to keep in touch.
  10. A piece of chocolate at night to help me sleep.

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