Photo by Susan Raines

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Hal Crowther

Hal Crowther, who won the Baltimore Sun’s H.L. Mencken Writing Award in 1992, is the author of An Infuriating American: The Incendiary Arts of H.L. Mencken, published in October 2014 by the University of Iowa Press. A former newsmagazine editor and syndicated columnist, he is also the author of the essay collections Unarmed But Dangerous, Cathedrals of Kudzu, and Gather at the River.

Hal Crowther finds it easier to think of a hundred things he can do without, but this a list of Ten Things Hal Crowther Cannot Do Without

  1. Irony
  2. Music—-jazz, blues, bluegrass, fado
  3. My dogs, past and present
  4. Wine
  5. Oysters
  6. Rainier cherries
  7. Maine
  8. Blue Ridge Mountains
  9. My grandchildren
  10. Lee Smith