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Jay Hakes

Jay Hakes left teaching political science at the University of New Orleans in 1977 to join the administration of Jimmy Carter. He later took on posts with Florida Governor Bob Graham and President Bill Clinton. He returned to New Orleans in 2015 after serving for thirteen years as director of the Carter Presidential Library in Atlanta. He has written the book A Declaration of Energy Independence, as well as numerous articles on subjects related to government and energy.

Ten Reasons I’m Glad I Moved Back to New Orleans

  1. Isabella and Analise (a.k.a. granddaughters).
  2. A culture that supports writers, book signings, and book clubs.
  3. The dynamic young people who came after Katrina to help and stayed.
  4. Trout Meunière Amandine at Galatoire’s.
  5. When people say “let’s do lunch,” they actually mean it.
  6. Jazz music in all its manifestations.
  7. Rejuvenated schools, several of which stress bilingualism.
  8. Audubon and City Parks, both of which give nature its due.
  9. The merchants of Magazine Street.
  10. The cadre of young chefs that prove tasty eating can be healthy eating.

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