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Joe Morris Doss

Joe Morris Doss is the President of At the Threshold, a newly launched international and ecumenical organization fostering the transformation of the Christian Church. Bishop Doss served parishes in Louisiana and California as an Episcopal priest, and the Diocese of New Jersey as Bishop. An attorney with a background in civil rights, he enjoys a national reputation in and out of the church, primarily as an advocate for justice, and in particular as a champion of minorities, women, and children. Bishop Doss is also granted special recognition in the church as a liturgist, ecumenist, and leader for church reform. He is the author of five books, including The Songs of the Mothers, a popular memoir about a rescue mission to Cuba titled Let the Bastards Go, chapters in edited books, numerous articles, and a successful play about a man he defended on death row appeals, who was executed on October 30, 1984. He is presently consumed with activities to help rebuild Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill. Bishop Doss personally testifies that he has found most “professional” satisfaction in his skills as a parish priest.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. The company of my family
  2. Justice, at least here and there
  3. Prayer and especially community worship
  4. Sports–football and baseball
  5. Novels and poetry
  6. Good food, good wine, and booze
  7. Dancing, especially on the streets as the people of New Orleans entertain each other
  8. Theatre drama–and very good musicals sans sentimentality
  9. Thinking things through enough to arrive at belief, or at least a tentative opinion
  10. Writing and public speaking


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