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Jonas Bedford-Strohm

Jonas Bedford-Strohm studied theology, philosophy, and political theory at Heidelberg University, Germany; Stellenbosch University, South Africa; and Yale Divinity School. He is the cofounder and communications director at the international nonprofit Wikwiheba ( and has worked on social media and communications with the Campaign for a UN Parliament at the Institute for Global Policy. A published author at 21 and a dual citizen of Germany and the United States, Jonas has written on religion and culture, sustainable development, and international relations for various media outlets, most notably for the German edition of the Huffington Post. He currently works for the digital strategy team in the Bavarian section of the German Public Broadcasting Service and is completing a master’s thesis on the theory of institutions.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Arrivals
  2. The intimacy of family despite geographical distance
  3. Soulmates
  4. German beer
  5. These awesome Fanta Klassik hipster drinks that I discovered recently
  6. Africa setting me straight
  7. Late-night conversation marathons
  8. That moment in which Tay-Tay helps you realize “everything has changed!”
  9. Unfortunately, the MacBook this was typed on
  10. Letting go of taking myself too seriously on the dance floor

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