Photo by Jeff Johnston

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Kacey M. Hill

Kacey M. Hill lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, but will always be from Vicksburg, Mississippi. She works in public relations and enjoys dancing in the streets with her ladies’ marching group, being overdressed for all occasions and drinking Coca-Cola from glass bottles. She is also proud to say that she does not own a single pair of pants.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Green Tea–all day, every day, hot or iced
  2. Champagne–make every day a celebration!
  3. Coca-Cola–currently onDday 3 without my fix
  4. Junk Food–McDonald’s, Funyons, Snickers and whatever else I can get my hands on
  5. Smartphone/Internet/Social Media–not proud of this one, but just being honest
  6. Sun protection–sunscreen, hats, glasses, umbrellas, all of it
  7. Social Interaction–or else I turn into one of those people who has to tell their grocery checker all about their day
  8. Chanel Red Lipstick–desperately seeking a replacement for my favorite recently discontinued shade, “Lover”
  9. Pearls–the perfect accessory for everything from galas to gardening
  10. Heels–same as above