Photo by Tom Traut

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Karyn Traut

Karyn Traut was born in Florida in 1944 and lived in Phoenix, Arizona, till 1960 when she moved to Malibu, California. She met her husband Tom at UC Berkeley, and they had two sons while Karyn was still an undergraduate at Berkeley studying English and playwriting. In 1978 the family moved to Chapel Hill, NC, where the Trauts still live. Karyn finds that North Carolina’s seasons, its community, and its language have infused her plays with a quieter, more poetic voice. In the South, if one wants to be heard, one must speak softly.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Family (husband, sons, grandchildren, daughters-in-law) and friends near and far
  2. Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired architecture
  3. Writing, theater, the arts
  4. Dancing, ballroom, and flamenco
  5. Weightlifting with my group
  6. A place to garden even if it doesn’t produce!
  7. The ocean, forests, and beaches
  8. Mushrooms
  9. Fruit
  10. Laughter