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Kendall Shaw

Kendall Shaw is a New Orleans-born painter whose career has spanned a number of art styles—ranging from Abstract Expressionism to Pop Art to Minimalism to Pattern and Design to Color Field—with heightened emotion, pattern, shape, and vivid color predominant. Shaw’s work includes a series of thirty paintings based on the Torah of the Old Testament, as well as recent work with pure colors that he terms “Cajun Minimalism.”

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Another person with whom I share my life.
  2. Light. Sunlight on grass.
  3. My cane or a crutch, now that my knee is cartilage deprived.
  4. A common language. English. Conversation, prose, poetry.
  5. Heat, lots of it here in a New York winter.
  6. Shelter. This Brownstone away from Manhattan was for gentle, lovely Frances.
  7. Painting, making art.
  8. Color.
  9. Music.
  10. My studio. Once I had one in then lively SOHO. Sold it to care for Frances 24/7.

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