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Lee Lawrence

Lee Lawrence grew up on a remote farm in the beautiful Susquehanna Valley in Central Pennsylvania, where folk are close to the earth and down to earth. After attending university, he became a CPA with an international firm before continuing his education. With a driven type A personality, Lee developed his own regional CPA firm, while at the same time working as a full-time university professor teaching tax law, accounting, and business strategies. After several burn-out related illnesses, he died of meningitis in 1988 and returned to his physical body after experiencing the Love and Bliss of Heaven. This life-changing experience began a new search and career in psychology, neuroscience, and religion to further understand and repeat his experience of the Divine.

Lee is often referred to as “the Man Who Reads Souls” as after his near-death experience, consciousness itself and the souls of others, including the detailed stored memories of their life experiences since conception, became physical to his perception. His research brings science, psychology, and all religions into one body of knowledge, with a higher level of understanding, without discounting any of them.

Lee; his wife, Terry; and their two silver labradors, Ziva, ”the radiance of God,” and Maya, “the illusions of the world,” live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without 

  1. Prayer and Meditation
  2. Coffee
  3. My wife
  4. Family and Community
  5. Travel
  6. Books
  7. Intellectual Curiosity & Stimulation
  8. Hiking & the Outdoors
  9. Gardening
  10. My Soul

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