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Lynden Harris

Lynden Harris is the founder of Hidden Voices, a radically inclusive, participatory, and co-creative collective committed to creating a just, compassionate, and sustainable world. Since 2003, Lynden has collaborated with underrepresented communities to create award-winning works that combine narrative, performance, mapping, music, digital media, and interactive exhibits.

Her play Count: Stories from America’s Death Row recently premiered at Playmakers Repertory Company and To Buy the Sun: The Challenge of Pauli Murray completed its East Coast tour in 2018.

Current Hidden Voices projects include Serving Life: ReVisioning Justice, a community call and response with men living on America’s Death Row; At Ease: Bridging the Military-Civilian Divide; and We Are Here: Imagining a World without Sexual Violence.

Recently named the North Carolina Playwriting Fellow for 2019-20, Lynden is the co-creator with men on death row of the collection Right Here, Right Now, to be published by Duke University Press. Lynden teaches “Stories for Social Change” at Duke University, is a founding member of the US Department of Arts and Culture, and a 2016 MAP Fund awardee. Lynden is trained as a restorative justice Circle Keeper and as a facilitator for Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation circles. She is a former columnist for the News and Observer family of papers. Her writing appears most recently in Mothers & Strangers: Essays on Motherhood from the New South.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Okra
  2. Digging in the dirt
  3. The yearly shock of returning green and blossoming everything
  4. Baby pugs
  5. My extensive, welcoming Southern family
  6. Storytelling
  7. Sunrises and sunsets
  8. The miraculous unfolding of relationships
  9. Historic houses
  10. The ocean