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Marianna Torgovnick

Marianna Torgovnick has been called “audacious and wide-ranging” (James E. Young), “brave, enlightening, [and] compassionate” (Joyce Carol Oates), a writer with “verve, lucidity, and intelligence” (Henry Louis Gates, Jr.), and “a kind of gift to her own culture” (Arthur Danto).

Crossing Back: Books, Family, and Memory without Pain is the sequel to her award-winning memoir Crossing Ocean Parkway. It moves the story from her working-class past, through her life as a professor at Duke University, and the death of her mother and brother in close proximity.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. My husband and, also of course,
  2. My children and granddaughters
  3. Reading novels
  4. Doing yoga
  5. Taking long walks
  6. My Duke in NY assistant Jane Bradley
  7. The New York Times Real Estate Section
  8. The New York Times Arts section
  9. My iPad and MacBook
  10. Lipstick

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