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Maureen Sherbondy

Maureen Sherbondy’s most recent poetry collection is The Art of Departure. Her previous collections are Beyond Fairy Tales, Eulogy for an Imperfect Man, The Slow Vanishing, The Year of Dead Fathers, Scar Girl, Weary Blues, Praying at Coffee Shops, and After the Fairy Tale. Maureen teaches English at Alamance Community College. Read more at

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Peet’s Coffee in the morning (an entire pot of it)
  2. Coffee in the afternoon
  3. My three sons (not things . . .)
  4. My wonderful friends and my family
  5. Books and literary journals (poetry, fiction, essays)
  6. Rhodia 41-lb vellum writing tablets
  7. Blue Bic pens
  8. Poker
  9. Polo (my Italian Greyhound)
  10. Road trips

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