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Michelle Sawyer

Michelle Sawyer is a visual artist from Tampa, Florida. She earned her degree in fine arts from the University of the South and became a multifaceted artist. Sawyer has worked as a painter, muralist, curator, gallerist, and educator. Her large-scale works, which range from commercial to historical to community-centered projects, can be seen throughout the Tampa Bay Area.  Examples of such projects include the Tampa Heights Mural created for the neighborhood association, the Dream Pushers mural located on the Dream Center in Ybor City, the West Tampa Community Mural at Salcines Park, the Riverwalk Memories mural in the parking lot at Novel Riverwalk, the exterior mural at Roland Park Elementary School, the Tampa Heights Mural at Shuffle, and the TPA Mural at Westshore City Center, among others. While the aforementioned projects were codesigned and copainted, as of 2022 Sawyer emerged as a solo artist. The 1937 Antifascist Women’s March mural in Ybor City showcases Sawyer’s vision as an independent artist who blends community and history through public art. Sawyer’s experience as a gallery cofounder has allowed her to assist local businesses in integrating art into their establishments. At present, Sawyer is the art events coordinator at The Bricks in Ybor City. To follow Michelle Sawyer’s latest work, follow her on Instagram @_saw.yer_ and see her latest blogs on her website.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Family and friends, which I group together because friends are the family I get to choose. Just like my
  2. Cats, who are the best and get daily
  3. Hugs, which is just as important as daily
  4. Laughter, a sound that I love, just like
  5. Music, which is often even more enjoyable in
  6. Costumes, another form of
  7. Creating, which takes a lot of energy, and I get really hungry for
  8. Snacks, which reminds me of road trips and
  9. Outdoor adventures, which usually lead to some
  10. Great conversations.

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