Photo by Casey Chapman Ross

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Monique Verdin

Monique Verdin is an interdisciplinary storyteller who documents the complex relationship between environment, culture, and climate in southeast Louisiana. She is a citizen of the Houma Nation, director of the Land Memory Bank & Seed Exchange, and a member of the Another Gulf Is Possible Collaborative, working to envision just economies, vibrant communities, and sustainable ecologies. She is coproducer of the documentary My Louisiana Love, and her work has been included in a variety of environmentally inspired projects, including the multiplatform performance Cry You One, Unfathomable City: A New Orleans Atlas and the collaborative book Return to Yakni Chitto: Houma Migrations.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Birds and their songs
  2. Good food
  3. Good company
  4. Beautiful places to watch the sun set and rise
  5. Salt air
  6. Sacred waters, from the heavens to the river to the sea
  7. Coffee
  8. Bread
  9. Live music and dance parties
  10. Carnival

Monique Verdin's contributions: