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Rachel M. Gunter

Rachel M. Gunter received her Ph.D. in history from Texas A&M University and is a professor of history at Collin College in Plano, Texas. Her research focuses on the Texas woman suffrage movement and its effects on the voting rights of other groups, including immigrants, servicemen, WWI veterans, Mexican Americans, and African Americans. Her publications include “Immigrant Declarants and Loyal American Women” in the Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era and “Without Us, It is Ferguson with a Plurality,’ Woman Suffrage and Anti-Ferguson Politics” in Impeached: The Removal of Texas Governor James E. Ferguson (2017) published by Texas A&M University Press. Dr. Gunter is a consultant, interviewee, and narration editor and cowriter for a documentary history of the Texas Suffrage Movement produced by Ellen C. Temple, with Nancy Schiesari and the Ruthe Winegarten Foundation for Texas Women’s History as advisors, to be released in March 2021. She is the Texas coordinator for the Online Biographical Dictionary of the Woman Suffrage Movement in the United States and serves on the executive advisory committee of the Handbook of Texas Women for the Texas State Historical Association. She is active on Twitter, @PhDRachel, and her website is

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. My favorite person
  2. Red wine (preferably Carmenere but anything dry and red will do)
  3. Chai lattes
  4. Music
  5. Books (preferably a hardback I can pass onto one of my bookish friends so we can all discuss)
  6. Running shoes with arch supports
  7. Crochet
  8. Dark chocolate
  9. Good pens and paper (especially while writing)
  10. Red lipstick & Carmex

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