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Rebecca Fairfax Clay

Boston-born writer Rebecca Fairfax Clay is a longtime resident of Chatham County, North Carolina, but, inspired by Flaubert’s adage that travel teaches humility, she has roamed the globe from Kazakhstan to Ecuador. She has worked as a producer/reporter for National Public Radio in Paris and Santa Fe and as a television scriptwriter in New York and at UNC-TV. She has written for magazines and newspapers, including the Christian Science Monitor, and is the author of seven nonfiction children’s books. These days, she is writing short stories as well as a memoir that starts with her days as a teenage mother; she has a daughter and grandchild in Germany. For the past year, Rebecca Fairfax Clay has been traveling between writer residencies in Italy, France, Turkey, Santa Fe, Iceland, and India. Her longing at the moment is to sleep in her own bed. With or without AC.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Words
  2. My daughter and grandson
  3. My laptop and camera
  4. Dark chocolate
  5. Rich coffee
  6. New worlds
  7. Paris
  8. Freedom
  9. Foreign languages
  10. The kindness of strangers