Photo by Elaine Bleakney

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Robin Dreyer

Robin Dreyer is the communications manager and staff photographer at Penland School of Crafts. His writing and photographs have appeared in American Craft, Ceramics Monthly, the Mountain Xpress, and countless Penland publications. He has been both a student and an instructor at Penland. He also drives up to Mt. Mitchell every week to collect rainwater samples for the National Atmospheric Deposition Program.

Ten Things Penland School of Crafts Can’t Do Without

  1. The coffee house
  2. The dining hall with its beautiful, communal meals
  3. Materials (clay, metal, fiber, glass, wood, ink, etc.)
  4. Tools
  5. Fire (in kilns, furnaces, torches, forges, etc.)
  6. A dedicated staff that never gets caught up (we’re a nonprofit)
  7. Generous donors (we’re a nonprofit)
  8. Unbelievably generous artist-teachers
  9. Amazing, inspiring students and resident artists (it’s kind of pointless without them)
  10. Hands (that’s what it’s all about)

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