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Sheila Kohler

Sheila Kohler is the author of ten novels, three volumes of short fiction, a memoir, and many essays. Her most recent novel is Dreaming for Freud (Penguin), based on the Dora case. Her memoir, Once We Were Sisters is just out with Penguin as well as Canongate in England. She has won numerous prizes including the O.Henry twice and been included in Best American Short Stories most recently in 2013. Her work has been published in thirteen countries. She has taught at Columbia, Sarah Lawrence, Bennington, and at Princeton since 2007.

Her novel, Cracks was made into a film with directors Jordan and Ridley Scott with Eva Green playing Miss G. You can find her blog at Psychology Today under “Dreaming for Freud.”

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. My husband, Bill
  2. My three girls
  3. My grandchildren
  4. My friends
  5. Books and books and books
  6. My own writing
  7. My teaching: wonderful young people
  8. Nature
  9. Exercise (swimming and running)
  10. A good night’s sleep!

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