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Sierra Golden

Sierra Golden received her MFA in poetry from North Carolina State University. Winner of the program’s 2012 Academy of American Poets Prize, Golden’s work appears widely in literary journals such as Fourth River, Roanoke Review, and Tar River Poetry, as well as place-based anthologies about the Pacific Northwest. Though she calls Washington State home, Golden has spent time in Spain, Mexico, and Argentina and spends summers in Alaska, working as a commercial fisherman.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Personal time and space
  2. Batter—cake, muffin, cornbread, doesn’t matter, I can’t keep my fingers out of it
  3. The ten minutes after I wake up but don’t get out of bed
  4. Fresh fruits and vegetables
  5. Philip Larkin, Dean Young, Olav H. Hauge, among others
  6. Sun
  7. A hardbound, unlined Moleskine and cheap pen, preferably stolen from a dive bar
  8. Lists
  9. Physical work that produces a visibly complete product
  10. Dancing and yoga, but not together


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