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Subhash Kak

Subhash Kak is Regents Professor at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. He is the author of twenty books that include Mind and Self, Matter and Mind, and the path-breaking In Search of the Cradle of Civilization, which was the first major book to challenge the Aryan Invasion Theory. He discovered a long-lost astronomy of the Vedic period that was published in scholarly journals of the West and India and in the book The Astronomical Code of the Ṛgveda. He served as the editor for the Indian Subcontinent Area for the UNESCO project on archaeoastronomy sites around the world. His scientific research is in the fields of computer science, quantum theory, and consciousness.

His autobiography The Circle of Memory appeared in 2016. His work has been showcased in the Discovery and History channels, PBS, Dutch Public TV, and in various documentaries, including those on music and yoga. He has also authored six books of poetry, and the well-known scholar Govind Chandra Pande compared his poetry to that of William Wordsworth.