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Tami Fairweather

Tami’s marketing career as a communications and events consultant and writer has spanned the nonprofit, entertainment, arts, outdoor, and travel industries with one common theme: connection. Currently, the majority of her work is focused on propelling adventure and sustainable travel forward through the programs of the Adventure Travel Trade Association. Born and raised bicoastally in Massachusetts and Washington State, Tami’s current home base is in New Orleans, where she holds great reverence for the culture bearers that make the city so special.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Fresh air (and windows)
  2. Trees, water, snow, and birds
  3. Ice (and iced coffee)
  4. Musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs
  5. LOVE (the key to any answer)
  6. Faith in humanity
  7. Nanak’s Coconut Lip Balm
  8. Rituals
  9. Exploring and learning
  10.  A travel sarong (for things like an impromptu nap or emergency curtain)

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