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Tanya Olson

Tanya Olson lives in Silver Spring, Maryland. Her first book, Boyishly, was published by YesYes Books in 2013. She has won the Discovery/Boston Review prize and was named a Lambda Emerging Writers Fellow by the Lambda Literary Foundation.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. The occasional visit from and adventure with my nephew
  2. Organized competition, usually in the form of sports
  3. Pilot G-2 pens and soft, rough paper
  4. Burgers cooked on the grill
  5. Quiet spot and time to read. Ideally, the spot will include a horizontal option. Ideally, the horizontal option would be a hammock.
  6. Potlucks with friends, where the table is full and the talk is overlapping
  7. Quiet dinner with my sweetie, followed by quality Netflix series to binge on curled up together with cat on couch
  8. Opportunity to go to new reading series and leave rubble in my wake after giving a devastatingly awesome reading
  9. Poems. Writing poems. Reading poems.
  10. Coffee

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