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Tori Bush

Tori Bush is a writer, teacher and PhD candidate in the English department at Louisiana State University with an interest in the environmental humanities, postcolonial theory, and critical race studies. She is co-editor of the anthology, The Gulf South: An Anthology of Environmental Writing published by University Press of Florida in 2021. She also has an MFA in creative nonfiction and has published in various journals and publications.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. My dog Max, who is a shaggy, black mutt who recently cut himself at 2. the levee on the industrial canal between the upper ninth and lower ninth ward of 3. New Orleans. He’s fine, just a small cut on the paw that my love 4. Yuri gently cleans each morning before 5. coffee and 6. breakfast. 7. My mom told me that dogs have a natural enzyme that helps heal his wounds, so I let Max lick my feet sometimes when I have bruises from  8. walking barefoot where I shouldn’t. Also, 9. books and 10. visual art.