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Tori Bush

Tori Bush, a North Carolinian living in New Orleans, is a writer and arts administrator. She has written for publications such as the New Orleans Advocate, Art in America, Daily Serving, The Art Newspaper, and many more. She has an MA and MFA from University of New Orleans. Tori was a Creative Capital/Arts Writer national grant finalist in 2012.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. My dog Max, who is a shaggy, black mutt who recently cut himself at 2. the levee on the industrial canal between the upper ninth and lower ninth ward of 3. New Orleans. He’s fine, just a small cut on the paw that my love 4. Yuri gently cleans each morning before 5. coffee and 6. breakfast. 7. My mom told me that dogs have a natural enzyme that helps heal his wounds, so I let Max lick my feet sometimes when I have bruises from  8. walking barefoot where I shouldn’t. Also, 9. books and 10. visual art.