Photo by Jason Beasley

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Tracie Locklear

Tracie Locklear,PhD (Lumbee/Coharie), is a pharmacognosist and natural products chemist. Her research evaluates the role of plant nutrients in human health and wellness. She is an environmental activist and works closely with communities interested in the reestablishment of healthy food traditions that support food security and sovereignty.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Coffee—otherwise, why wake up?
  2. Music—cheapest, most effective way to get in the right frame of mind.
  3. Sunshine—a constant reminder that “LIFE IS GOOD.”
  4. Friends/Family—especially my husband’s dry humor. These people are my foundation and remind me of who I am and who I wish to be everyday.
  5. My dog—he is comfort, unconditional love, and exercise all rolled into one 25-lb package with legs.
  6. Mexican food/spicy food—anytime, anyplace, anywhere I am always in the mood for spicy Mexican food.
  7. A good book (historically accurate fiction preferred)—I really enjoy stories about things that could have happened, but as far as we know they did not. Sidenote:  I finally read 1984 and Animal Farm this year.
  8. Dark chocolate—the ultimate indulgence.
  9. Plants, ALL of THEM—big or small, I love plants and pride myself on being able to resuscitate nearly dead big-box-store plants. They’re my favorite.
  10. National/NC State Parks systems—two things I thank God for most regularly, food and the National Parks system. Umstead Park has served as my safe place for over a decade, and I can’t imagine life without it.