First Flight

Two things you “ignore at your peril,” I find her writing to me more than thirty years ago: “the dailiness of life and the significance of place.”

Interview with Ryan MacDonald

Imagine being the first person to see a blue sunset over the rim of a canyon over 50 times wider than the horizon; imagine finding the first bacteria that evolved on an alien planet;...

My First Mountain

I think the important thing about doing something for the first time is accomplishing it.


Sometimes we are stunned by a truth we know, but one we never thought applied to us. It was my first epiphany. I realized I had absolutely no idea of his vision of the world, and I was...

Interview with the Rt. Rev. Barbara C. Harris

I believe the struggle for human rights and dignity and against poverty and need at home and abroad are struggles in which we must continue to engage if, indeed, we are to overcome someday.

The First Time (But Not the Last) That I Bought a Work of Art

The end of collecting is not in sight, but I will never forget the importance and feel of the first one.

“She Had Voted. A Marvel.”: First-Time Women Voters

I don't know if I've ever heard the word “vote,” meaning something pertaining to me.

First-time Voter: A Profile

She was determined to "help my president."

The Belt Buckle

Yet, my South is also a complex terrain of problems and complexities we can’t seem to get beyond. We love our families and our traditions so much that we cling to them no matter how much...

For the first time this fall of 2016, the U.S. presidential nominee for one of the two major parties was a woman. This inspired South Writ Large to ask our contributors to share some of their experiences of “first” in their lives—including wanting to be the first journalist in space, voting for the first time as new citizens and as women, preparing for the first mission to Mars, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, buying the first piece of art that grew into a massive collection, and becoming the first female bishop of the Anglican Communion. We hope these experiences inspire you to reach new heights of your own.