It is our beginning as it is the beginning of everything. It is elemental. Thus we desire to return to it. Thus we hold it sacred. Thus we make it holy and bless it.

Portfolio: Botellas al Mar (Bottles to the Sea)

This piece is specifically inspired in the Malecon Habanero (Havana's Malecon), which celebrated its one-hundredth anniversary in 2001 and is the protagonist of stories of all kinds―a...

The Ganga and the Indian Culture

The Ganga embodies all sacred waters in Hindu mythos and it is invoked in ritual just as Sarasvati was in an earlier age.

The Rivers of the Indian South: Myth, Legend, and Primordial Presence

Each river in India has tales to tell. A land settled for more than 1.5 million years by humans, or eons descending back billions of years according to Hindu speculation of the antiquity of...

New Water Music

Yotam Haber conducted the hour-long New Water Music on the waters of Lake Pontchartrain while the piece was performed by several hundred community musicians, including both amateurs and...

Pasajs | Passages For San Malo

His story became folklore. More than a hundred years later, in “Dirge to San Malo,” a Creole song collected by George Washington Cable in the 1800s, he does not confess.

On the Shoulders of a River

Finally, it can be said that a river, or river feature, has predetermined the existence of many towns and cities in North Carolina.

It Was Always the River: Natchez on the Mississippi

As someone who has made repeated treks to Natchez, I am always drawn to the river.

Holy Waters: A Ganges Baptism

People busied themselves along the water’s edge, bathing, washing laundry; men rowed long open boats full of passengers; wide shade umbrellas sheltered the rupee-charging holy men I’d...

The Nile Project: Interview with Mina Girgis

We love the music but we have always wanted it to have an impact on how these countries think of themselves as riparian neighbors along the Nile, how each of us can become a better Nile...

The ancient Greek philosopher, Thales of Miletus, thought that water was the source of all life. Throughout the history of civilization, water and life have been intimately intertwined. In the Spring 2017 issue of South Writ Large, our contributors explore both the cultural histories of water and waterways as well as their own personal experiences.