Portfolio: Lost Treasure Maps

Maps and images layer evidence of South Louisiana’s rapidly changing landscapes, waterways, and lifeways as names are erased or renamed and indigenous communities are forced to adapt.

Late Migrations: A Natural History of Love and Loss

I am a creature of piney woods and folded terrain, of birdsong and running creeks and a thousand shades of green, of forgiving soil that yields with each footfall. That hot land is a part...

Wendell Berry

For many years now Wendell has been one of the people who has taken hold of our chins and turned them toward the beauty and the horror. They exist side by side in almost all of his work,...

“The Search” and “The Stream”

Then the moon comes up after all and with a glow bright enough to wake you through the bedroom curtains;

Australian Paradoxes

We must be a place that cares for all its lands and steers its boats not backward, but resolutely forward. Mackellar wrote of loving the beauty and her terror of Australia: contrasts,...


It is my hope that people come away thinking about how the Civil War and Reconstruction can’t be understood outside of their larger ecological contexts.

“Beach at Corolla, NC” and “Bee Fall”

Can goodbyes last past parting or are they, like bees' visits to clover, intense moments of working passion, nectar searching, the sweet flight begun soon after? Home to the hive.

A Modern Spin on Nature’s Desire

Imagine the field, the wasp who unknowingly spreads native yeasts around the field, the farmer who nurtured the plant, the hands that carefully harvested and sorted the fruit, and the...

Gullah Livelihood

Making a living on the island? You either did things on land or you did things in the water — either you did farming or you did the creek for oyster, clams, fishing.

“It is a wholesome and necessary thing for us to turn again to the earth and in the contemplation of her beauties to know the sense of wonder and humility

                                                                         -Rachel Carson, Sense of Wonder

Our relationship to the land affects our lives in myriad ways. Indeed, for those who make their livelihood from the land or make it their vocation to preserve it, it defines them. The Spring issue of South Writ Large features reflections on the complicated and essential ways that the land and the human soul interconnect.