A Gardener’s Spring in Sweden

After a long, dark Swedish winter, Spring is especially welcome, and the days of endless daylight are a frenzy of activity in the garden.

Celebrating Spring in Egypt

Their keen observation of nature and its changing phases assured them that physical life went through cycles of birth, death, and renewal. The land itself testified to this belief as it was...


Trees are just as alive as we are, but they are very unlike us. No tree grows to adult stature and then stops. Instead, it spends its whole life growing, repeating the same pattern of stem...

Discovering the Meaning of Armenian Easter

Meanwhile, when we highlight the strong ties of the Armenians to their roots and customs, not only are we talking about the Republic of Armenia, but also about the vast Armenian diaspora...

Excerpt from “Mergers and Acquisitions: Or, Everything I Know About Love I Learned on the Wedding Pages”

I have loved weddings for as long as I can remember. I couldn’t tell you why, exactly. When I was a tiny thing, three or four, I had this bride doll whose big blue eyes closed when you...

Gettysburg, Reborn: Spring on the Battlefield

Spring has returned to the battlefield.

Norooz: Springing into the New Year

It’s about honoring the passage of one season into the next. It’s about pausing our daily life to spend time with those we love—whether it’s around a crowded table or socially...

Growing Pains, or Not a Kirk Cameron Reference

This time of year makes me think of moving. New lease. New part of town. New city—sometimes even a new continent. Though that’s increasingly rare these days.

It’s Spring 2021 and the Trauma Is Blooming

Moving to North Carolina, all cerulean skies, bright swaths of riotous pinks and purples, flowering crape myrtles and wild dashes of forsythia, was magic.

After what has felt to be an interminable winter and for many, a time of isolation, we welcome spring with all of its delights and outdoor possibilities. Warmer weather brings the reawakening of Nature: flowers in bloom, trees in fresh coats of green. As e.e. cummings writes in his poem, [in Just – ], it is a time “when the world is puddle-wonderful.” The Spring 2021 issue celebrates the rituals, holidays, and festivals that mark springtime–its vegetation, natural lightness, and its sense of hope through the cycles of renewal and rebirth.